Thursday, February 26, 2015

$15,000 Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation Grant

Thank you to the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation for supporting MHC’s dental program with a $15,000 grant! Funding from Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation will be used to assist uninsured pregnant mothers with third trimester dental screenings and cleanings. To help with long term dental health for themselves and their babies, our doctors will provide in-office education for all mothers and our case coordinators will provide follow-up education and scheduling assistance for baby’s first dental appointment postpartum. Dental service is an important health indicator and is often the first health service to be dropped for many individuals with financial challenges. If we can bridge that gap, we can increase the overall health of not just the pregnant women receiving the initial cleanings, but the future health of their children. Thank you Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation for supporting our critical programming!

MHC Dental Services

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ultrasound is Full-Time at Clinica Del Alma Health Center

We now have two full-time locations with Ultrasound! Marana Main and Clinica Del Alma Health Centers are available for scheduling appointments Monday through Friday.

Ultrasound imaging can be used to determine due dates, detect the presence of twins and size of the baby just before delivery. They can also reveal potential problems, including birth defects, placental issues, breech positioning, and others. Many parents especially look forward to learning the sex of their child midway through their pregnancy.

Ultrasound is not just used in pregnancies though! We have the capabilities to view venous, arterial, and any area of the body below the head such as the heart, liver, kidneys, etc... 

If you or someone you know is in need of ultrasound imaging, we welcome you to call either of our locations and make an appointment!

Marana Main Health Center
13395 N Marana Main Street
Marana, AZ 85653

Clinica Del Alma
3690 S. Park Avenue, Suite 805
Tucson, AZ 85713

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Chef on the Block

Whether you go to the Copper Café for coffee, a yummy snack, or the lunch special, get prepared for some big changes! Don’t worry, they’ll still be serving coffee, but you can say goodbye to the menu. MHC Healthcare now has its very own chef connoisseur, Mitch Rabenstein, who settles for nothing less than delicious perfection. Mitch began cooking at the young age of 12 and went on to be an executive chef for more than 20 years. His experience includes being the executive chef for a nursing home and rehabilitation facility, owning and operating four restaurants, a bar and a catering business. “My restaurants were all fresh food, there were no freezers or microwaves in my kitchen – and that’s what we’re doing here. We’re going for more homemade food with input from employees, it’s always helpful to hear about your favorite dish, maybe we’ll feature it one day.” Not only does Mitch plan on making our meals more wholesome, but he’s also going to make them healthier. “We’re a healthcare clinic. We want people to get better and get healthy. I will be implementing healthier options, so maybe instead of bacon there will be avocados. More everything isn’t always better.” His goal is to make food that will feed the soul and increase productivity.

Picture this… It’s mid-July and over 100 degrees outside. It’s lunchtime so you go to the Copper Café for something tasty that will keep you full the rest of the day. On the menu you see grilled chicken salad on a bed of lettuce with avocado, fruit smoothies and homemade apple pie… Hungry yet? Mitch wants to get everyone in Marana to the Copper Café for lunch and I think he’ll succeed! With his life-long passion for fine food and cooking there’s no doubt that scrumptious things are about to appear on our plates. Stay tuned!