Monday, June 1, 2015

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Meet Dr. Serrano

When I was a little girl growing up in Puerto Rico, my grandma used to take me to this nurse to get my shots. The nurse would use these rubbing alcohol cotton balls to sterilize my arm, and I really liked the smell. I thought to myself, I want to do this, I want to be a doctor. I admired doctors, they just knew so much. Then that smell disappeared for many years, since people started using other things to disinfect with. One year during my residency I was coming into the ER to see a patient and the smell of rubbing alcohol came back and transported me to that nurse’s office when I was little. I knew then, that I had chosen the right path.

In 2012, I relocated to Arizona with my husband and three kids – that’s when I discovered MHC Healthcare. Compared to the other healthcare companies in the area, MHC spoke more to who I was as a person. I grew up underserved, so it felt like this is where I am meant to be. I can really connect with my patients here. My favorite part about being a doctor is when somebody tells me, “thank you for helping me,” “I’m so glad to see you, ” “you’re the one that listens,” or even “thank you for saving my life.” Just last week I caught someone’s cancer in time. Big or little, I’m helping people, that’s what I love to do, and that’s why I chose to become part of the MHC Healthcare family.

MHC believes that regardless of who you are, your financial status or background, we will take care of your healthcare needs. I love being the Chief Medical Officer and your family practice doctor. This work is critical to my personal mission of giving back to the community. I chose MHC Healthcare because I truly believe it is a strong, solid organization with a very promising future. In my personal life, my family is my highest priority. This is a fervent value of mine that spills into my every-day work life. I want every patient to feel welcome, supported, and well cared for. MHC Healthcare works hard to be the best for our patients and we want you to feel like you are part of our family.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Jenitza Serrano
Chief Medical Officer

Humans of MHC Healthcare

Humans of MHC Healthcare (HOMHCH) is an ongoing collection of pictures and quotes from real MHC employees. It shows MHC’s dedication to providing quality healthcare with a heart to all of our patients. HOMHCH began because we wanted to put a human face to our name. Specifically, the faces of people who work hard every day to ensure that patients who come to us are getting the best care possible. We are not just another healthcare company – we are a non-profit community health center, which means we work for your health, not our profits. HOMHCH is not only a way to show patients that we care, but it also gives our providers, referral specialists, medical assistants, and other staff the recognition they deserve. Whether it’s staying late to finish a patient’s appointment, or spending their lunch break researching cancer treatment grants, the staff at MHC go above and beyond their job description. All HOMHCH postings can be found on our website and we look forward to including patients testimonials in the future. Humans of MHC Healthcare captures our passion for serving our communities.

“What do you think is the biggest obstacle?”                                      
“Teaching patients their rights and responsibilities, teaching them self-care, teaching them their responsibility as a healthy person or how to be on the road to becoming a healthy person. Some patients are not used to self-care, and they don’t have the self-appreciation to know that they’re worth the self-care. I think that’s probably the biggest obstacle is having patients take reign of their own life and realize that they are worth it.”
 — Loretta Workman,
Referral Specialist
MHC Healthcare Ortiz Health Center

Social Media

MHC Healthcare has officially entered the digital realm! We are on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogger, and Pinterest. Our focus is to add value to our community by sharing informative, interesting and inspiring content. We keep our patients and followers in the loop about MHC and community events. We discuss health and public activities, recognize other organizations for their accomplishments, and shine the light on extraordinary MHC employees. Get involved with us today!

Thank You Corner

As a non-profit organization, MHC Healthcare receives grants and donations that allow us to continue providing affordable healthcare to our patients. Thank you to Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation for a grant of $15,000 to support MHC’s dental program. Funds will assist uninsured pregnant mothers with third trimester dental screenings and cleanings.

The 2015 Trico POWER Grants program awarded MHC Healthcare $8,000 to reduce barriers to basic preventative care for children and their families. Thank you, Trico! Special thanks to the Heritage Highlands Women’s Health Luncheon Committee and their recent $4,800 donation! Their contribution will support Behavioral Health Programming. All contributions to MHC Healthcare make a difference in the lives of children, individuals, and families throughout our communities. Thank you for your support!

Innovative MHC Pharmacy Leads with Speed and Accuracy

When it comes to healthcare with a heart, MHC Pharmacies never miss a beat with their customer service and efficiency.

MHC Healthcare pharmacies serve all MHC patients and have three convenient locations: Marana Main Health Center in Marana, Clinica Del Alma Health Center in southern Tucson, and Wilmot Family Health Center on the east side of Tucson.

MHC Healthcare recently purchased an innovative robot, the Parata Max Flex, for the Marana Main Health Center Pharmacy, to help fill prescriptions with speed and accuracy. The Parata fills approximately 45% of our prescriptions on a daily basis. The robot’s innovative design allows it to use space effectively, store up to 232 prescriptions, and ensures 100% accuracy. This automation frees up pharmacists to spend more time with our patients and decreases wait times. When patients get the correct medication, they are safer, healthier and happier!

Fast, warm, and personal service is the goal of MHC Pharmacies. Patients can refill their prescriptions in a variety of ways. Our app, RefillRX Mobil, allows patients to scan the barcode on their prescription bottle, which sends the refill order instantly to an MHC Pharmacy. When the prescription is filled, the pharmacy notifies the patient by their preferred choice of communication. Another refill option is to touch-tone the prescription number using a telephone keypad. Patients can also visit MHC Healthcare’s website,, and click on the “Get a Prescription” icon. Most importantly, we always welcome a personal phone call if you want to speak directly with a staff member. We are here to help you and we value our relationship with each and every one of our patients.