Tuesday, January 26, 2016

National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week

As we end the month of January let’s look at what we know about drugs and alcohol. National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week serves to improve our basic knowledge of these substances and also to get rid of some myths. If you’re curious about any particular drug and its effects, this is the week to educate yourself. Prescription drugs, cocaine, tobacco, and even marijuana are a few drugs that people become addicted to. Here are some examples of topics you can educate yourself with this week!

This week also focuses on teen prevalence and prevention. At least 18.3% of teens have abused just prescription drugs at least once during their short lifetime. This is a scary fact also knowing that half of drug overdoses in the U.S. come strictly from the use of prescription drugs. This is the week to talk to your peers and teens about the facts of drugs and how addictive they can become.

Quick facts:

  • Many factors contribute to becoming addicted to drugs, including family, peers, method of use, and the age one begins using a substance.
  • Tobacco use is still considered the highest preventable cause of death in the U.S.
  • Spending a lot of time alone, lost of interest, nervousness, and even change in eating habits are all signs of drug abuse and addiction.
  • E-Cigarettes still have many unknown side-effects due to insufficient information but still have high amounts of nicotine (a highly addictive drug) and users are likely to have a stronger connection with regular tobacco use.

Just take 10 minutes this week to sit down with a friend or a teenager you know and discuss some drug facts that you can find in the links below. This basic knowledge can go long way and make a true difference in their lives.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

MHC Expanding Into Dove Mountain

MHC Healthcare, which includes Marana Main Health Center, the oldest community health center in Arizona, has been providing quality primary and preventive care  to those in need for over 58 years.  MHC has grown from a single health center serving migrant farm workers into MHC Healthcare (MHC) serving over 45,000 patients annually at 14 health centers throughout Marana, Catalina, Picture Rocks and the Tucson metro area.  MHC is excited to announce its latest expansion to the MHC Healthcare family, a health center, located in the Dove Mountain region of Marana.    

Through MHC Healthcare’s research for integrated healthcare needs in the growing area of Marana, it was decided a build to suit, leased building project with Oxford Development Advisors for the Dove Mountain region, to fit this need best.  The architect for the project is Gene Goldstein of Bramic Design Group, PLLC and builder will be Reliance Commercial Construction, Inc.  MHC’s new addition, the “Dove Mountain Health Center”, will be located at the intersection of Tangerine Road and Mountain Centre Road, just east of Tangerine Road and Dove Mountain Boulevard.  Development plans were approved by the Marana Town Council meeting on January 5th, 2016 under the Dove Mountain Medical Office at Dove Mountain Centre II. 

The new health center building will have a total of 15,915 square feet, with approximately, 12,915 square feet dedicated to housing integrated healthcare (Medical and Behavioral Health) services, case management, general radiology, laboratory services.  In this same area, MHC will also include an Urgent Care with extended hours of service to meet the needs of the surrounding community.  The remaining 3,000 square feet will be set aside to relocate MHC’s Cotton Blossom Thrift Store, which is currently located at 11851 W. Marana Rd.   

The build of this project is scheduled for completion by the end of Summer 2016, with MHC scheduled to open for service in the Fall of 2016. 

MHC Healthcare looks forward to becoming part of the Dove Mountain community and is excited to offer quality healthcare with a heart to this region of Marana.


MHC Healthcare has 14 locations, soon to be 15, throughout Marana, Pima County, Catalina, Picture Rocks and the Tucson metro area.

MHC Healthcare collectively serves over 45,000 individuals annually who have various forms of medical coverage, including private insurance, AHCCCS, Medicare, sliding fee scale or with no medical coverage.  

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